Cube Vet Veterinary Point of Care Analyser

Are you looking to improve what you can offer your patients and clients? Do you feel like you could look for more? To help you with these questions, REM SYSTEMS are proud to introduce the new Cube-Vet by Eurolyser.

With a strong history and reputation in both medical and veterinary diagnostics, Eurolyser have developed Cube-Vet to allow vets and nurses expansion of their diagnostic capabilities at the point-of-care. Whether your interests lie in reproductive medicine, emergency medicine, large animal medicine or internal medicine, the Cube-Vet has test options that will benefit your case management every day.

Offering outstanding accuracy and reliability, the Cube-Vet uses advanced photometric technology to enable testing for a wide range of parameters. The Cube-Vet will provide dependable results when assessing analytes such as progesterone, CRP, SAA, fructosamine, GLDH, ammonia and lactate.

Additionally, test options are available for canine, feline, equine and bovine patients.

Of particular interest to many vets at the moment is testing of CRP (C-reactive protein) and SAA (serum amyloid A). Assessing and monitoring these analytes is of great benefit in any case where inflammation is of concern. Accurate and rapid results are available from the Cube-Vet, providing you with additional information that aids your clinical decision making and helps improve patient outcomes.

Tiny Samples - Huge Insights

Many specialist practitioners are excited by the potential impact inflammatory markers, such as CRP and SAA, will have on case management. Dr. Bruce Mackay, of Veterinary Specialist Services in Queensland, reports “acute phase proteins (such as CRP and SAA) are sensitive markers of inflammation and are the standard of care for monitoring a range of inflammatory diseases in humans. CRP has been used as a valuable biomarker in dogs with a number of disease states – Steroid Responsive Meningitis Arteritis (SRMA), Immune Mediated Polyarthritis, Bacterial Pneumonia and Discospondylitis.”

Made in Austria, the Cube-Vet also offers an easy workflow for achieving results within minutes, all from sample sizes 100µl or less. To ensure a high level of accuracy, rigorous quality control and validation processes are in place, which offers peace of mind that your results can be counted on.



Eurolyser have published all of the Cube-Vet validation data, and you can view this at their website, – simply head to the Veterinary Diagnostics menu to learn more and witness the work that has gone into producing this outstanding analyser.

If you would like to order a Cube-Vet, or if you would like more information, please contact us at [email protected]



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