REM SYSTEMS believes in fostering agile and true partnerships that provide innovative solutions to meet our customer's needs.

REM SYSTEMS offers a range of products and services to meet the specialised needs of veterinarians, universities, research facilities and zoos. The range includes a comprehensive range of point-of-care blood analysers, centrifuges, laser technology, IV lines and fluid therapy and closed system transfer devices for hazardous drugs.

Therapeutic Lasers

Multi Radiance Medical Laser therapy provides accelerated pain relief and healing that is drug free, convenient and effective. It is suitable for equine, wildlife, companion animals and pets.

Centrifuges (Veterinary)

Designed with the busy veterinarian in mind, Centurions range of centrifuges offer competitive, good quality products that are simple to use.

POC Diagnostics

Our range of veterinary point of care analysers offer outstanding diagnostic accuracy and reliability in a compact system that’s very easy to use.

Oncology Delivery

Equashield is a completely airtight, leakproof and user friendly Closed System Transfer Device protects you and your staff from hazardous drug leaks, sprays or aerosols that can be created during drug preparation, administration and disposal.

IV Lines and Fluid Therapy

Infusion therapy made clean, safe and simple. We offer a full range of IV sets and accessories for infusion. We also offer closed systems for cytotoxic drug delivery to minimise the health risks associated with the handling of hazardous agents.