BK Ultrasound offers a full range of sterilisable transducers designed specifically for surgical procedures such as neurology, hepatobiliary, renal, colorectal, vascular, laparoscopic and robotic procedures.

Paragon Care also provides CIVCO guidance and infection control products to increase clinical confidence in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and interventional procedures, with a strong focus on ultrasound.

The surgical division offers high powered lasers for surgical soft tissue applications as well as specialist infusion products including syringe drivers, volumetric infusion and enteral pumps with a full range of accessories.

Surgical Ultrasound

BK Medical uses real-time intraoperative ultrasound to provide surgeons with critical information to make decisions that impact surgical outcomes.

Infection Control

We give you peace of mind with innovative hospital disinfection products and consumables of the highest quality standards.

Using the latest in UV-C technology, our THOR® and Illuvia® products provide an additional layer of disinfection to lower pathogen bioburden levels and aid in the prevention of healthcare associated infection.

Pain Management

We recognise that anaesthesia plays a critical role in many treatments. We have you covered with an innovative range of anaesthesia delivery systems, needle guides and specialty covers to help reduce the risk of infection transmission.

Procedural Kits

Our knowledge of the industry has led to the creation of procedure specific kits for all areas, including surgery, ophthalmology, gynaecology, heart and lung therapies, and theatre or for more specific requirements we can design and build custom kits.


Whether you are looking for multifunctional urology workstations, transportable lithotripters or convenient high-powered lasers, we have a solution to enhance clinical practice and enable better results for patients.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy made clean, safe and simple. We offer a full range of IV sets and accessories for infusion and transfusion procedures in emergency, surgery, critical and intensive care units. Also available are products for general hospital IV therapy and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) procedures.

Temperature Management

We can meet all of your temperature management needs with a range used to manage patient body temperature in the operating room, recovery room, and neonatal intensive care units. This allows for early treatment that is highly effective, fast, cost effective and dependable.

Enteral Feeding

Offering a complete range of oral nutrition and enteral feeding products standards to meet the needs of patients and Healthcare professionals. In support of the global ISO 80369-3 initiative, we offer a line of enteral syringes with connector that prevent misconnection or wrong-route administration, which can cause severe patient injury.